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24 November 2011

How Foods Lower Blood Pressure

When one person has hypertension, vitamins and medicines have to be taken to help control it. Vitamins for high blood pressure are needed in order to stabilize or regulate a person’s heart. There are several useful nutritional supplements available in any drugstore or health stores today – and yes, they can do wonders.

One of the vitamins for high blood pressure is potassium – always make sure that you get enough of this everyday. Should you prefer to get your potassium from foods then, vegetables, dairy products, fish and fruits are good sources to consider.

Danger of Smoking in the Morning

Smoking in the morning, especially accompanied by a cup of coffee, has become a ritual that hard to break. However, these habits seem to need to be stopped from smoking at the beginning of the day is more dangerous than smoking on the day or night. 

Research shows that smoking after waking up would increase the risk of lung cancer, neck and head. "Morning smokers
 have high levels of nicotine and other toxins from tobacco in his body. They are also more addicted than smokers who refrained
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