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22 November 2011

Herbal Remedy for Bleeding

The Herbal remedy for the treatment of bleeding that I am going to discuss here is the cordyline leaves. If you see on the photograph, this plant has red and dark green as well as brown colors. The plant is usually used by people in Indonesia as border line land indicator. They plant cordyline at the corners or along the borders lines of their gardens or house yards because the cordyline has got bright red color. Cordyline can be found thriving in the lowland up to 1,900 meters above sea level.

Cordyline fruticosa backer, C. terminalis planch., C.terminalis (L.) Kunth., Asparagus terminalis L., Dracaena terminalis Rich., Taetsia fruticosa Merr., convallaria fruticosa L. 
The herbs name of this natural medicine is Cordylinae Folium (or Andong leaves)
The height of Cordyline is between 2 and 4 meters. The trunk is hard and round.
From the book about herbal medicine that I am reading at the moment, it says that young cordyline leaves can be eaten as vegetables. The mature leaves can also be used as wrappings for cooking rice which will eventually make the taste of the food delicious.
Properties and medicinal function of the plant
The taste of cordyline is sweet and insipid (or no taste). The plant has the medicinal merit of stopping the bleeding or "resfreshing" the blood. It can even destroy the blood clot in the bruised areas.
Chemical contents
The cordyline leaves contain saphonine, tanine, flavonoid, polyphenol, steroide, polysakaride, calcium oxalat, and iron.
Parts of the plant that can be used as medicine
Leaves, flowers, and roots have medicinal properties. Use the fresh herbs or the dried ones.
The cordyline leaves can be used to cure:
Lung tuberculosis especially when the patient is suffering from blood cough
Blood spots that come out during pregnancy (possibility of miscarriage), too much blood during menstruation (menorrhagia), blood in the urine(hematuria), and bleeding wounds.
How to use the herb
For drinking herbs, boil the leaves (15 to 30 grams), dried flower (9-15 grams) or roots (6-10 grams).
For external treatment, wash the cordyline leaves, cut them into small pieces and add 1 gram of salt. Grind the leaves until they are pulverized or fine. Apply it on the wound and wrap it with bandage.
Example of treatment
For bleeding urinary, bleeding cough, and too much blood during menstruation, boil fresh cordyline leaves (60 to 100 grams) or dry roots (30-60 grams) with 3 glasses of water until they become only 1 glass. Let it to cool down and filter it. Divide it into two equal parts. Drink it in the morning and afternoon.
The tropical rainforest has got a lot of species of plants that have medicinal functions. It is sad to see that at the present moment this rich natural environment is being cut for the exploitation of its wood and for the conversion of its land for monoculture plantation. We can help preserve the rainforest if we are able to exploit its non-timber forest product and improve the living condition of people living in and around the rainforest.

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